Mensch – über Schönheit [solo]


Mensch-über Schönheit [solo] by Gabriella Riccio

The solo – part of the triptych Mensch – über Schönheit – is inspired by the beauty exhibited, as conceived by J. Baudrillard, the contemporary conception of the body as machine body, objectified body, plastic body, unreachable, untouchable, exhibited. A public movement, logical and rational, modular, progressive, symmetrical, material. The choreographic work has been developed around the perception by the public of the time / duration and balance / imbalance. The system is built on choreographic composition systems that underlie the system of gestural music by Elio Martusciello.

concept & choreography gabriella riccio
music elio martusciello
with sonia di gennaro
scene & light design gabriella riccio
production cie gabriella riccio | caosmos
with the support of  Goethe Institut Neapel
genre: performance danza contemporanea e di ricerca

credits commissioned by the Goethe Institut Neapel 2005 ; oral mention of the jusry “for the quality pf choregraphyc work” at “Il coreografo elettronico” PAN Palazzo delle Arti Napoli 2005; presented at Word Dance Day Naples Showcase for Young Choreographers 2005; Nuovo Teatro Nuovo, Naples 2006; Il video d’autore Made in Italy, Filmstudio80 Rome 2009; Movi|Mentale Festival, STArt 2009
running time 30′