Körpersprache by Gabriella Riccio ph Piero Cremonese

challenge, courage, risk, fragility, power and loss of power, obedience and disobedience, the individual versus the group, freedom, responsibility, choice, presence, trust, physics, action and reaction, constellations, mind and body. It is an investigation of the possibilities of choreographic composition through the translation of the word into movement.

Körpersprache is a research work on the possibilities of choreographic composition through the translation of the word into the language of the body. Körpersprache invites the audience to actively participate! Members of the audience take the microphone and pronounce words that are connected to concepts which have been previously developed in the research phase. With the help of a chart, participants are guided into the system of the performance… but once the system is understood, they can choose to surprise the dancers with new and unexpected words. The “active” spectator has the possibility, if only for 3 minutes, of finding himself in the position of the choreographer. As both participant in and co-author of the creative process, the spectator can modify and determine the compositive game. While the performance is in the process of being composed under their very eyes, the “passive” spectators enjoy the performance as a unified whole. By observing the reactions of the dancers to the words spoken into the microphone, they can intuitively discover and understand the grammar upon which the “body language” of dance is based. Körpersprache is an abstract work founded on  choreographic composition elements: body, time and space, as well as images, symbols and concepts. Based on abstract compositive and interpretive systems, it generates an organic whole of visual suggestions in complicity and dialogue with the participating audience.

concept & choreography gabriella riccio
con gabriella riccio, marco angelilli, chiara orefice, alezzandra cozzolino, giusy palmisano, angelo ruggieri
music  K&D
production cie gabriella riccio | caosmos
supported by  Goethe Institut Neapel

ph Piero Cremonese