Gabriella Riccio

Artist, Activist and Researcher based in Madrid and Naples. Advisor for experiences of artistic and cultural commoning around the world. With a multidisciplinary background in dance as well as in political studies, alongside my activity as choreographer – – I am engaged in the movement for the commons and of the self-governed cultural spaces supporting practices of commoning, participatory democracy, care and alternative economies in several networks. As resident member of L’Asilo in Naples – first formally recognised Italian urban and cultural common – I contributed to the drafting of the “Declaration of urban civic and collective use”. I am co-founding member of the Institute for Radical Imagination a trans-local think-tank producing knowledge on post-capitalist forms of life and models of cultural production as processes of social transformation. My interest is at the intersection of art and politics. I published essays on politics, ethics and aesthetic in contemporary artistic and cultural practices.

Courageous, vulnerable, risk taking. Gabriella Riccio, is a river in fullElisabetta Testa on TuttoDanza

“The results exceeded my expectations. Next to being a force of nature, as a performer, activist and cultural manager (co-responsible for the exciting l’Asilo in Napoli), Gabriella also proved to be a highly sensitive and effective workshop leader. The Communitism team found its focus under her guidance”

Chris Keulemans