Gabriella Riccio


Gabriella Riccio Italian choreographer and dancer her research between Naples and Berlin brings her in contact with some of the most representative personalities of the European scene. Then she comes to a research project on the body and the scene  as a dispositive for knowledge with caosmos | gabriellariccio independent formation which she founds in 2001 in Naples where she realizes projects and performing objects dedicated at experimenting languages of the contemporary scene and dance research through new formats and new technologies. She realized over 10 creations and performances: her latest works are Noli me tangere, Magnificat – first study for a better world, La Follia. Her work brings her to relevant collaborations with artist active in visual arts, music and dance as: Elio Martusciello, Achille Succi, Felix Ruckert, Hal Yamanouchi, Neil Leonard, Norsola Johnson, Léonard Rainis, Carmine Rezzuti. She is curator of Contemporanea09, AzioniDicembre09live, Sovrapposizioni//Overlap_La danza trova Asilo and lately Perché la danza? together with Maurizio Zanardi. Since 2015 she is resident choreographer at L’Asilo – open community of art theatre and cultural workers in self-government at the Ex Asilo Filangieri of Naples – where she realizes residencies of research and creation and where she conducts the on-going workshop between practice and thought Experiments of survival in space. Activist and independent researcher, she joins the movement of the commons and self-governed cultural spaces. Her activity of artistic research and creation  is complemented  by theoretical production taking part to conferences, talks, workshops and experimental proposals. Her main areas of interests are the relationship between dance and thought in the creative process, and politics art and culture. She published the essay Il corpo e la scena. Territori dell’esperienza estetico-conoscitiva nella pratica artistica della danza on Kaiak A Philosophical Journey 2017 and La pratica dell’uso civico come scelta estetica, etica e politica per il sensibile comune in Stefano Rodotà, by La Scuola di Pitagora Editore 2017.  She is recognized among new Italian author choreographers by Ada D’Adamo in Spazi per la danza contemporanea, E&S 2010

Her first works performed in non conventional spaces have a markedly conceptual approach focusing on the relationship between the choreographer/performer and the spectator where public is actively and directly involved: Watch|Touch a solo performance for a solo spectator and Körpersprache an experiment on power games. K.I.S.S.#1-about fragility with live electronics by Elio Martusciello and Mensch-über Schönheit both invited to the World dance day showcase for young choreography and are created on commission for the Goethe Institut Neapel, deepen the research on movement and perceptions. With Echo Resonance & Memory  the work opens to interaction with new technologies. Recently premièred with La Follia accompanied on stage by musician Achille Succi. With Noli Me Tangere the interaction with live electronic sound environment merges with scene dramaturgy as the result of signs and actions of bodies on stage.


LA FOLLIA Pièce for 1 body and 1 clarinet – Running time 45 ‘
NOLI ME TANGERE  Pièce for 2 dancers and sensitive sound environment – Running time 45 ‘
ECHO RESONANCE & MEMORY Solo work with live electronic music and live video – Running time 45 ‘
GUERRILLA REMIXED Urban performance for 10 performers for ZAC Napoli Teatro Festival Italy
MENSCH-UBER SCHONHEIT [Solo] Solo work  – Running time 30 ‘
MENSCH-UBER SCHONHEIT [Triptych] Pièce for 4 dancers and circulating audience, original music live electronics Elio Martusciello – Running time 30 ‘
K.I.S.S.#1-ABOUT FRAGILITY Pièce for 2 dancers and 6 non-dancers, original music live electronics Elio Martusciello – Variable running time 15′-30 ‘
KORPERSPRACHE Pièce for 6 dancers and participatory audience – Running time 30′
WATCH|TOUCH Solo performance for a solo spectator in an aluminum box 4×4 – Variable running time 120′-180 ‘